Koodo Mobile giving $50 Visa gift card with online purchase of Optimus One


  • Braden

    I also noticed this on their marked down curver

    $150 for a blackberry
    or $0 with tab, PLUS a $50 gift card..

    pretty sweet deal.

  • Colin R

    Anybody know if you need to sign up to a koodo plan or can just get this voucher with the device only? It says that your account needs to be in good standing so presumably you need an account?

    • Han

      Uhhh, “Available with new activations only.” Seems pretty clear.

  • koodoDave

    You need to maintain an account with us for at least a month with full payment to qualify for the offer.

  • Yomaama

    Koodo is just desperate!!!! Yuck!

  • Blindedbyfact

    Or Koodo is brilliant.. Ying/Yang..

  • slowdownconner

    starting today, if you activate a koodo data device in a koodo shop, you will get a $100 visa gift card!!!