Bell: “No out-right purchase of the ATRIX is permitted”

Last week Bell officially confirmed they’ll be exclusively launching the Motorola ATRIX on March 17th and also announced the powerful Android will be available on the following price points: $169.95 on a 3-year (with a minimum $50 voice/data plan) or for $599.95 no-contract. However, taking a look at this internal doc that one of our tipsters shows that “All ATRIX sales must be bundled with an activation or upgrade” and that “No out-right purchase of the ATRIX is permitted”.

The ATRIX will be a very popular device and will sell incredibly well in Canada… no word on the 2-year or 1-year contracts though. The specs are incredible and Motorola confirmed that they will be upgrading the OS to 2.3 at some point. No official date is confirmed. As stated earlier today we are hearing that a bundle package that includes the ATRIX, Lapdock and HD Multimedia doc is in the works.

Very exciting stuff… More soon!
(Thanks tipster!)