Solo Mobile launching Samsung Gravity 3 on March 8th


  • Jonesy1966

    Really? From what I understand Solo’s not long for the chop. Maybe this is a last kick at the can.

  • lou

    used to have solo was ok several years ago there not keeping up with the times

  • Don

    Funny, I want to ask what OS it’s running. But that’s probably irrelevant.

  • Michael

    The gravity phones tend to have alot of glitches so I wouldn’t trust them.

    • Jonesy1966

      Didn’t know they were glitchy, I do know it’s not a phone for me. A friend of mine has a Gravity 2 and it’s been solid for her but she’s a basic function, light user which I think is what the phone’s geared for.

  • Kitty

    I’ve had this phone since about a week after it came out, not even. I bought it after my brother bought it. I HATE IT! Okay, it was good at first… Now I can’t wait to get off my plan. The phone is glitchy and it doesn’t want to charge anymore. Like at first I thought I just broke it, but my brother is even having the same problems as me. I hate this phone so much. I’m NEVER buying Solo ever again!