Bell releases the HTC HD7 at $499.95 no-contract


  • Chris Marle

    Nice, that’s 100$ cheaper that it was supposed to be. Bye bye Venue pro, hello sexy HD 7.

    • zorxd

      $599 was stupid since the more powerful Desire HD is $499

    • Geoffc

      Major complaint about Bell Can HTC Windows 7 HD device; the screen CANNOT be seen or read outdoors in most light conditions…buyer beware!

  • Me Ted

    Nice WP7 phone at a respectable price. I wish I could say that about the provider though…well any of the incumbents really.

  • Keith

    This will be my first WP7 device and one from Nokia will be my second.

  • Sub-Joker

    They were probably like this: goddamitt Telus, I thought we agreed to make those two phones ridiculously priced…… now we’ll have to lower our prices. I’ll never talk to you again!!!

  • Timbits93

    Way better priced than the Venue Pro, unfortunately since i’m stuck in a contract with Rogers [Retention Plan], if i want this, have to pay full price for it + unlock fee. But consaidering it’s only $499, it’s not a bad deal!

    • Jim R

      You also have to have a plan with Bell to buy the phone off-contract. So since you are stuck with Rogers, add in the cost of the activation fee and one month of service.

  • Chris Marle

    I don’t remember… Is Bell unlocking phones for a fee?

    • Meadus

      Bell as a Company does not unlock phones for a fee.

    • Mark

      Bell actually will unlock any HSPA phone with the obvious exception of the iPhone for a $75 fee given that the phone has to be activated on prepaid or postpaid service for at least 30 days.

  • tye

    75 unlocking fee?… telus is doing it for 50.

    • Mark

      True, but with Telus, the phone has to be on postpaid service for at least 90 days, which makes is far more expensive to unlock.

  • andy c

    if you are looking at getting a WM7 phone i would suggest waiting.

    all signs point to a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft.

    Nokia build quality, Ovi Maps (free offline maping software) and WM7 OS would make for one killer device provided your onboard with WM7

  • Marty

    I’m seeing this at $599.95 on

    • Chris Marle

      Hey… You’re right!

  • f-ing pissed

    How can I buy this in the U.S.???????
    Please help me!!!!

    • Chris Marle

      T-Mobile is selling it.

  • f-ing pissed

    I need one that works for att 3g network.

  • seb

    i just tried the link given with this story, but on the Bell site i found the no contract price is $599.95. so what abt this $499?
    moreover, no other price except the three contract one seem to suit with the price on the bell’s site.

  • Neha

    I checked the bell website and they claim it is $599.95 without contract. Maybe they changed the plan at the last minute.

  • johnny

    no its 599 i bought one and cant seem to find any internet company that can unlock it yet,.im with rogers too. wicked phone though

  • Kevin

    Great info,

    I went to all the cellphone shops in Vancouver to get my new BELL HTC HD7 unlocked so I could use it with Rogers none of the shops could do it, but one employee suggested I try ordering a code from


    I tried them and they emailed me with the unlock code in 10 minutes

    I entered it in the phone following the instructions they gave me and it worked perfect

    My BELL HD7 is now unlocked and working with my AT&T sim!

    Just wanted to suggest the site to those of you who need to get the unlock code

    it was 24 bucks and well worth it



  • Geoffc

    Bell Can HTC Windows 7 HD phone; CANNOT see or read the AMOLED screen outdoors in most light conditions. Buyer Beware!