Shaw focusing on Calgary… puts Vancouver and Edmonton network build-out on hold


  • elchavodellethbridge

    Competition is good! I just wish they would expand someday south of Cowtown. Tough with only 3 carriers, and just a few hours away so much choice and competition.

  • TNSF

    I used to think Shaw was well positioned to have a big impact on the Western market. The fundamentals haven’t changed, but unfortunately Shaw’s execution has been a disaster.

    For their sake I hope they have something up their sleeve… maybe a plan to acquire Wind?

  • espink

    Good for Calgary. I wonder what their roaming structure will look like. I hope they make it to Edmonton soon. I’ve always had great service from Shaw.

  • Joe

    Shaw is in danger of forfeiting their spectrum if they don’t launch in every licensed area by 2013.

  • aviking

    Well thats beyond lame.

    I had high hopes for shaw now it appears they are just another small fish in a very large ocean

  • zorxd

    I hope they launch with LTE instead of UMTS/HSPA.

  • Anti-Robellus

    I wish shaw can come into ontario.

  • Larry

    Shaw needs to get there act together like fast.The first problem was there original delay and has gotten worse since.In 1992 when I got my first cellphone coverage was the big thing,I beleave it still is.

  • roach_779

    Dealing with their home service help is a nightmare. You wait about an hour just to talk to a human person, booking visit is on their own term…One problem I had is I had to call them 3X to finally get someone to come in. Shaw better have good deal as similar deals is not enough for me to change and I would wait (good thing I still got 2 years on current contract)to see their quality of service.

  • D

    That’s untrue, roach. Contact Shaw and you’ll be connected to an agent in under a few minutes 90% of the time. If a service call is permitted it’ll be offered the instant you exhaust whatever troubleshooting steps are appropriate – and there are only a few things that you can do with most Digital Pone challenges.

    We also have emergency technicians on reserve if your problem is one that results in a complete loss of dialtone. We take care of our customers at Shaw, I can guarantee that. If you have had a poor experience, it was likely due to a disgruntled employee or a new employee, which can occur when you have over 10,000 employees.

    It’s a shame to learn that wireless has been kicked back. At least when it arrives, it will be a very strong product. I don’t know anymore than what’s told to investors but the higher ups are a lot more eager than it seems in all the media relations. In fact, it looks quite dismal from the other site which sends lots of mixed signals.

    • Bolt

      I spend easily over 45mins on hold with Shaw each time I call. I even tried to buy service from them and still waited on the phone for an hour before I hung up

  • zippy

    Maybe it was vendor equipment troubles?