Public Mobile drops top price plan to $25 a month for 6 months

Budget friendly carrier Public Mobile has significantly dropped their top price plan in their latest promo. What used to be a $40 Unlimited Talk and Text plan went to $35 during the holiday season… and now in their latest promo have chopped it by $10 to $25 a month (this represents a 37.5% drop in price since launching).

The only way to get in on this deal is to sign up before February 28th and you’ll get that rate for 6 months, then it will jump back up to the $35/month price tag. Along with the unlimited talk and text is unlimited long distance calling (Canada and the U.S) and free voicemail. For some reason if you don’t want to do this promo and want their basic $24 plan Public is throwing in free call display for 6 months.

Wow. Crazy. Low prices.
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