Mobilicity “Home Solutions” launches, encourages you to stop paying for “obsolete landline technology”

Mobilicity is going after the Big 3 with their wireless service and now they are hitting them with their home phone and internet business too.

They have quietly launched “Home Solutions” that shows 3 new products for sale that basically rides off your current Mobilicity account: AT&T Bluetooth Cordless Phone ($69.99), XLink BTTN Cellular Bluetooth Gateway ($99.99) and the GlobeSurfer X.1 ($129.99). All of these target different areas that Mobilicity states you can “Stop paying for home phone services you don’t need. Why use obsolete landline technology”.

Mobilicity highlights their $25 and $35 monthly unlimited plans vs. the “Old and Obsolete Solution” that could run you upwards of $100 a month.

Source: Mobilicity
(Thanks Ari!)