WIND Mobile to announce “WINDtab” payment option

WIND Mobile will be releasing a new payment structure called “WINDtab”. You can see the official filing for the trademark here at CIPO but this is similar to what Koodo Mobile and Virgin Mobile currently have in place. Rumours of this Tab system stem all the way back to December of last year… but it’s now being implemented and the details are as follows:

The WINDtab service is only available to new Pay After customers who sign a WINDtab agreement (1 phone/data stick can be used per WINDtab account). The WINDtab gets you a maximum $150 off the a Wind phone/stick… so basically it could bring the cost to $0.00. Each month 10% off your total bill goes towards paying off WINDtab and if you want to pay more off you can. You’ll be able to upgrade/downgrade your phone at any time and can also leave the tab system but will need pay off your balance.

This new WINDtab should be announced very soon.