Skyfire 2.0 for the iPhone app gets approved… available Thursday for $2.99

On Thursday you will be able to watch Flash videos on your iPhone. Apple has approved the Skyfire 2.0 for the iPhone app and it will be officially available on Thursday at 9:00am… but it’ll cost you $2.99. We’ve seen a quick video demo of the mobile browser in action last week and it converts video from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

CEO of Skyfire Jeff Glueck showed up on CNNMoney yesterday to demo the app and stated they have a cult following: “the app was given a rather rigorous review from Apple, but it was approved in less than two months. Apple did not return a request for comment on why it approved Skyfire for its App Store”. Check out the video after the break and make sure to check out the app on Thursday.

Via: AppleInsider