RBC: Apple has “Cascades of Cool” and expects a Q4 record 13.5 million iPhones shipped


  • Jehu

    People are just stupid…if that Steve guy said he invented slice bread the i****s would go out and buy it thinking it’s the best bread in the world.

    • Gere

      @Jehu That’s your opinion, but I was a Windows user all my life until 2006 when I bought a Macbook. I decided to switch because I loved everything about my iPod mini and 20 GB iPod and I’ve never had one regret. My user experience with Apple products and services has been phenomenal, from using the products themselves to getting help from Apple Store geniuses. Since getting the Macbook, I’ve gotten a second-gen iPod nano, a second-gen iPod touch and now the iPhone 4 (which I love so much more than my old Blackberry 9700) and switched my then-58-year-old dad, siblings and many of my friends to OS X.

      Their products definitely have some flaws, but in the end the benefits outweigh them. I know some people are completely obsessed with Apple-bashing but I have nothing but good things to say about the company.

  • Dom

    The iPhone is a nice device but it just isn’t my cup of tea. Too generic nowadays. I like choice and customization.

    • Soulsaber

      Agreed on the generic-ness. You see it everywhere, it’s nothing special. The UI gets boring REALLY fast. I am happy to say I sold my iPhone 4 for a HTC Desire. Best decision ever!

  • TomatoGuy

    I would never buy any of Apple’s overpriced products. Maybe only to resell for profit but certainly not for personal use.

  • Dino

    If the old adage that a sucker is born every minute still stands, I guess that means that every one of those suckers born in the last 26 years is going to buy an iPhone in Q4.

  • Galaga

    Best phone on the market. Only smart and classy people have them. Uneducated and cheap poor people get the other ones.

  • fisher.2011


  • Rj

    Yes, people are like sheep sometimes wrt to iphone. They just follow the leader. If that guy invented slice bread, he would name it as ibread or f**** bread and people would still stand in line 10 hours to get the ibread when it is released. I sold my iphone and ipad2, got HTC and getting a Sony S1 on 16th day of September. Actually having that shipped to my home.

    I would say to make a quick profit, buy and sell that iphone 5 whenever it releases.