RBC: Apple has “Cascades of Cool” and expects a Q4 record 13.5 million iPhones shipped

Even with all the hoopla about “Antennagate” and the recent (and very quiet) “Glassgate”, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky sent a note to investors that he believes Apple Q4 sales will top $20 billion. “Big Q4 beat expected as Apple surpasses $300/share…with innovation, future opportunities as strong as ever… we foresee further upside for the shares, as Apple remains well positioned against three large, growing, under-penetrated market opportunities (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and has “Cascades of Cool”, i.e., subsequent product generations and accessory cycles”.

For specific numbers, Abramsky said he expects Apple to announce Q4 shipments of 5 million iPads and a whopping record 13.5 million iPhones.

Source: AppleInsider

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