Apple SVP who was “the guy responsible for the antenna” suddenly departs


  • Travis

    More finger pointing? when will apple just come out and say “look, we screwed up, sorry.”

  • chris

    I hope they will recall or fix this in the near future or they should keep the free cases permanent as their permanent fix to this problem…

  • J.B.

    Well, with a name like Papermaster, doesn’t that explain it all? He should stick to Paper related jobs. no engineering required.

    I agree though, Apple should be taking responsibility for their stupid actions, instead of pointing the finger at everyone else and holding a conference that basically did nothing.

  • a

    “Apparently the antenna guys used to have a big chip on their shoulder…”
    Huh? Steve Jobs is the the epitome of this kind of arrogance.
    I’m never going to buy anything from Apple.
    (Go Android)

  • Larry

    I have had my iPhone4 since July30,I have yet to drop a call.I switched from Rogers to Bell,The service is way better than Rogers.Plus Apple is sending me a free case.

  • Fate

    “There is no issue.” “All phones have this issue.” “You’re holding it wrong.” “Here’s a free rubber band to cover the non issue.”

    “There’s no issue, but we’re firing the guy responsible for the antenna anyway.”

  • BC_Mike

    I’m waiting for Apple to fix this “non-issue” before I seriously consider the iPhone– the “Bumper Fix” just doesn’t do it for me.

    So Apple finally found someone to fall on his sword over the antenna issue (or is that antenna “non-issue)?

  • kk

    poor guy..everyone makes mistakes…never knew apple was into the whole corporate blame culture..

    But now he can go to RIM and design a ipod for them