To celebrate the Galaxy S launch… Samsung’s holding a Toronto street concert August 4th


  • davidm

    When are we going to find out what’s up Rogers’ sleeve. Or maybe it’s time to find a way to switch.

  • Jeff Smith

    awesome free metric concert

  • Jonathan bailey

    GREAT! Just great, The day I leave for a month :(. This is why I like staying at home.

  • Lexcyn

    Why does it have to be on a Wednesday night? lol I would go if it was on Friday night, driving 4 hours to TO just to work the next day would suck 🙁

  • Josh M

    im gonna guess Depeche Mode

    • Jeff Smith

      who knew Depeche mode was one of canada’s hottest acts

  • Rick

    Jonas Brothers. It is my 14 year old daughter they are going after.

  • Rick

    Too bad the concert will be downtown, instead of mid town off the highway, so everyone can go.

  • Yggdras

    Totally going, this is the first cellphone I am ever buying, nice to see that Metric is supporting this as well.

    Just Google the clue!

  • tray

    im confused someone help. Is this phone going to be released on rogers?

    • Derek

      Bell is the first carrier in Canada to have a Galaxy S class phone. There is a rumour that Rogers is going to get it’s own variation of the phone. In the US there are at least 4 slightly different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S phone on 4 different carriers.

  • Derek

    Google says the band is: Metric

  • Adwin

    Based on MobileSyrup’s hint, Metric’s Twitter bio says “We’re in the prime of your youth” (

    There you have it??

  • Hrundi Bakshi

    I guess these guys don’t know what “impromptu” means…

  • Nooj

    So has anyone won a Samsung Galaxy S yet? I registered and it doesn’t really seem like anyone is going to win lol.

  • Kallie

    It’s Arcade Fire and Arkells oh my god oh my god
    Seriously I know it is
    The first clue is an Arkells song and Heart of Glass is because Sprawl II is often compared to Heart of Glass