WIND offers up free car charger and headset with Gravity 2


  • donv69

    Well a car charger is pretty expensive and I’ve stayed away from bluetooth even though Quebec no longer allows phone handling while driving.

    A good bluetooth headset is at least $75.00. $50.00, if that is the cost in the deal, is also pretty expensive.

  • Brad

    I’m not crazy about the phone(it looks like just about every querty phone) but that is a pretty good deal

  • Tim



  • Ali

    ive had this phone with WIND and i can honestly say that generally Samsung phones are pretty good but this particulat model is pretty bad. the reception is shoty at best and it has lots of problems. i called wind to ask them if they are coming out with a new phone so i can upgrade they kept on saying coming soon coming soon but i waited 6 months and the coming soon never came (i joined wint the 1st week they came out) so i got pissed and ported my # to rogers and got a BB Bold 9700. i learned my lesson for using the new upstart carriers as soon as they launced i should have waited until they had few years of experience under their belt and a reliable network. their network was very bad at 1st then it slowly got better then it got crappy again the last few weeks.

  • akram

    @ali you recall the comments on twitter on network with their technical lead the person was not coherent or competent no hopes on their network to get better