Bell Pearl 9100 now available… $329.95 no contract

The Pearl 9100 is now available through Bell. This new BlackBerry can be yours on the following price plans: $49.95 on a 3-year contract; $179.95 on a 2-year; $279.95 on a 1-year and the no-contract price is a decent $329.95.

Out of all the carriers selling the 9100 – Bell has the cheapest no-contract rate so far. TELUS has this for $349.99, Virgin (owned by Bell) has this for $349.99 and Rogers has this on a no-contract for $424.99. We’re curious what price point WIND will come in at when they launch the 9100 in July.

Some quick features of the new Pearl 9100 is that it comes with RIM’s new trackpad, SureType keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera, BlackBerry Messenger, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

More here via: Bell