WIND Mobile officially opens doors in Ottawa


  • J Eng

    Ottawa network was already available to WIND users about 3-4 weeks ago. Today’s launch gets you the abilibity to buy a phone and get/port an Ottawa number.

  • pascal

    yeah but you were in away zone so the 0.25$/min fees would had been applicable if Im correct…

  • Randy

    Nope @pascal, when Wind “soft-launched” in Ottawa, it became a home zone for current Wind subscribers, you just couldn’t purchase a new Ottawa account.

  • Adi

    Noticed something interesting on the coverage maps for Ottawa : there are some blue shaded areas !! Can anyone guess what they are ? (i think it’s Videotron’s network !!! :D)


  • Dereck

    No, it’s not videotron’s network… They are not allowed in Ontario. The blue sections are parts of the network that will be completed in the next month to month and a half…. They will be completed before the yellow parts… According to the customer service rep they already have towers there just putting the finishing touches on them.

  • Trevor

    Anyone in Ottawa care to comment on the network quality so far?

  • Nadim J

    I think the blue areas are just coming soon.

  • Michael

    I’ve had my phone for about 3 weeks in Ottawa… It’s been GREAT! Customer service is amazing and fun! I was in line at the store today because my port had issues… Felt like a nerd there were a bunch of eagers waiting in line for their phone… They were GREAT with handling me… They got everyone waiting food and drinks and they did everything for me in their power to make me happy… I had a small issue with my blackberry.. Would turn off once in a while.. They didn’t ask questions just swapped it for me…

    GREAT PHONE COMPANY!!! (Blue areas are coming soon..)

  • blackberryforever

    Hooray for more dropped calls!

    Well its a wait and see game, and its kind of depressing when it doesnt work in the next town one hour away, it starts roaming, sounds kinda like the ontario launch.

  • Jay Getty

    There “customer service” is the only cell provider I have used in 20 years that were not “bald faced liars”. Well one guy in the store on Yonge was a liar, but the other lady was not. We have 2 phones in Toronto…No drop calls yet. No over billing…no hassle or convoluted plans designed to extort, mislead, gauge…no contracts, If someone wanted out, their phone would sell on craigslist in a nano second…Wind has every incentive to treat you white, the rest and the three year contract with hundreds penalty for early termination; wow, why would anyone home zone user get a robbers…

  • Adrian

    When my TELUS contract wa to expire last month, I looked at VIRGIN and WIND before I renewed with TELUS… TELUS actually beat WIND and VIRGIN pricing on everything AND gave me a brand new Motorola Android as a loyalty gift. I have been with them for 11 years, so that might of helped, and I have a high use plan, but the bottom line is that if you shop around, all these carriers will match each other just to keep or get your business.

  • Big Bear

    I saw them at the University of Ottawa… sadly for me, my hometown is faraway and it would cost me a little fortune of away minutes fees… very sad that I can’t help add some competition.

    They had a random statue on a pedestal and another pedestal, probably for you, cause when you buy a Wind phone, you become someone worthy of getting a statue carved after you.. or something like that. Lol when I saw them it was the employee that was on the pedestal… I guess she thought highly of herself 😉

  • michael

    @ adrian… I highly HIGHLY doubt that TELUS gave you an unlimited price plan… I work there in the retention dept, and there isn’t even one available in the system… Any unlimited calling we give you is for a limited time… Like 6 months umlimited… Not forever. So watch out you don’t get screwed.

  • Har Har

    ^har har, it’s too late…Adian’s stuck in a 3 year!!!

  • Rupert

    Seems like a good company to me.