“Zoompass Tag” now in 3-month trial… expect mobile payments by end of year


  • Lexcyn

    They could have made the sticker smaller, or look nicer, or maybe have different options on WHAT it looks like.

    I know I wouldn’t just place a sticker willy nilly on my device … although maybe it will work through battery covers?

  • Mark

    Agreed – talk about overdone & gawdy looking. I wouldn’t stick that on my iPhone, that’s for sure.

    Thanks Mastercard – I may use your device, but I have no interest in becoming a mobile advertising billboard for you!

  • Steven Chen

    I agree with the posters above. Hopefully it will work through battery covers as I would like to stick the sticker somewhere unobtrusive like on the inside of the battery cover perhaps.

  • schultzter

    Since it’s the sticker, not the phone, that makes the connection you could put the sticker on a piece of cardboard and keep it in your wallet (or better yet – in an anti-static bag so big-brother can’t track you 🙂

    Or better yet, just use a real M/C card with the contact-less chip in it since most retailers still don’t offer contact-less payment so you need a real credit card (or cash) for those places anyways! And you won’t have to worry about keeping yet another balance (cash in your wallet, cash in chequeing account, and now cash in your Zoompass).

    And since Visa is more widely accepted than M/C and Costco only takes Amex I’m guessing the telco commitment is half-hearted and the M/C commitment is desperation! Not a good starting point.

  • Henry Stevenson

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  • Dave

    Why are people using these zoompass stickers on their phones! Does that not target a highway robbery?? You might as well carry your credit card in your right hand everywhere you go!