Rogers gives customers ability to download DRM-free music

Rogers has followed TELUS and announced the availability of downloading DRM-free song downloads through urMusic service. As we stated before this gives users the ability to buy music tracks/albums then transfer it to whatever electronic device you want, such as cellphones/smartphones, computers etc…

Rogers has also introduced a new tiered pricing, this is right inline with TELUS’ offerings at tracks from $0.69, $0.99 and up to $1.29 per track and full album downloads are less than $10.

John Boynton, EVP of Marketing at Rogers Communications said “Customers want the freedom to enjoy their downloaded music across multiple devices. The addition of DRM-free music tracks to Rogers urMusic, paired with the ability to order albums in advance of their release date, is a perfect complement to our music and Wireless Box Office services featuring exclusive service-fee free concert tickets through Live Nation, and various musical sponsorship events.”

Visit www.urmusic.ca for more info