RIM to bring on “fingerprint recognition” on BlackBerry devices?

Another day… another patent filed by a mobile manufacturer. This time it’s RIM with a patent that shows they are working on some sort finger print scanning technology. The specific patent was originally filed on February 26th, 2009 but recently updated on January 12th, 2010.

According to the documents, this is “An apparatus for input and fingerprint recognition comprises a touch surface, and a data processor coupled to the touch surface. The touch surface comprises a first region and a second region. The second region is distinct from and coplanar with the first region and occupies a minor portion of a total surface area of the touch surface. The data processor is configured to selectively operate the touch surface in a touch input mode or a fingerprint detection mode. In the touch input mode, the data processor is configured to operate the second region at a first resolution comparable to that of the first region to detect a touch input anywhere on the touch surface. In the fingerprint detection mode, the data processor is configured to operate the second region at a higher resolution than the first resolution to detect a fingerprint on the second region.”

Finger print technology is certainly nothing new – the LG IQ currently has this loaded in their device. However, not to the extent as the images show in the patent. In fact this would increase the security of the device and make it more personal. Perhaps they stepped up their game when Barack Obama became President.

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