Navigation now comes for free on all GPS-enabled Nokia smartphones


  • Pederson

    Bravo! Excellent response to upcoming (semi-released) Google Navigation. Only a matter of time before Turn by Turn navigation – at least on smartphones – is a common included, free service/feature.

  • Steve

    So if I don’t have a data plan…Can I still use this?

    And if it comes ready right out of the box, does my phone even need to be activated?

  • Joseph Morin

    I wonder how the big 3 are going to block the app on their phones.

  • jordan

    I think when they say it comes ready right out of the box they are talking about new phones purchased in the future will have ovi maps preloaded. If you already have a gps enabled nokia smart phone you have to go to the website and download it. If you don;t have a data plan or access to a wifi connection i wouldn’t recommend downloading anything though, it will cost you quite a bit.

  • Jim R

    Take note Google – not everyone forgets about us folks north of the 49th.

  • Dano

    According to Engadget, the N900 isn’t scheduled to get it anytime soon.

  • Koolaid drinker

    To Steve…. Did you read this at all, did the data comparisons strike you as odd if you don’t need a data plan.
    Does your current phone do anything without a data plan?sometimes I just can’t believe people would ask these questions.

  • Financial Advisor

    Nokia comes through again. Is it supported on the E71?

  • J.Soul

    Ovi Maps comes equipped on the E71 – only the FREE turn-by-turn doesn’t seem to be available! E72…yes, but older E71? Not looking like it.

    I’m finding that Nokia’s lack of a North American presence is VERY apparent, especially when it comes to apps.