Chalk launches “Pushcast Software” for BlackBerry Enterprise Solution

Fresh of of taking in $800,000 from the Canadian government to hire 50 people in Fredericton, Chalk has announced Pushcast Software 5.4. You might remember this as the “Mobile Chalkboard”, it’s just been updated and re-branded.

The service is pretty cool actually. The service is officially described as “a trackable and secure communication channel for delivering audio- and video-rich content to BlackBerry smartphones”. Basically if you are looking to train or educate your employees you can do so by putting together a PowerPoint presentation and pushing it through to their Berry. Users can access it whenever and wherever they want… the video is an old promo of it but it gives you the basics. Or you can check out a new demo here at Chalk (another great Canadian company).

Jody Glidden, Director at Chalk said “We are building deeper integration between our award-winning solution and the BlackBerry platform – the corporate standard for enterprise mobility – to deliver a truly secure, easy to manage solution for pushing impactful training, compliance and corporate content to BlackBerry smartphones. With this combination, Chalk Pushcast Software is significantly raising the bar for secure mobile learning for business.”