Telecom union says Gov’t “is a sellout” and the Globalive “decision is illegal”

dave_coles_new_sGlobalive was given the green light on Friday to officially launch their WIND Mobile brand, today the fists are coming out from Canada’s largest telecom and media union.

Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union President Dave Coles stated that the government’s decision to overturn the Globalive’s CRTC rulings “is a sellout of Canadian national interests and a betrayal of Canadian culture… It is clear that this decision violates the Telecommunications Act, which the Conservatives have now declared will be enforced only if and when they feel like it… In straight forward terms, this decision is illegal and an affront to Canadian democracy.”

Ouch… harsh words. Coles continues his barrage by saying “Mr. Harper must be reminded that he presides over a minority government which has no mandate to change the character of Canada. A bill to eliminate our foreign ownership restrictions would not be supported by Canadians and it is highly unlikely it would be adopted by Parliament. If Mr. Harper wants to change Canada and sell out our telecom and cultural sectors to foreign investors, he should call an election and tell Canadians what he intends.”

Via: CEP