Future Shop’s 2009 “Cellular Retail Learning Event”

Back on November 3rd I was invited to quickly attend Future Shop’s 2009 “Cellular Retail Learning Event”. This is where all the Future Shop sales associates get hands on training with all the latest devices and accessories.

It was pretty cool to get a sneak preview behind the scenes of what happens and how Future Shop makes a massive effort to make sure the reps on the floor know the products they are selling. No matter what you’re buying, when you ask for help from a person in any store there’s nothing more frustrating/annoying than the employee not knowing anything/everything about the product/service.

There was about 20 different vendors at this mini tradeshow such as: TELUS, LG, Rogers, BlackBerry, Zagg, Koodo, Griffen, Microsoft, Lexar, Palm, Jabra and Sandisc.

I took a video but honestly have to admit I dropped/broke my camera while filming. Something happened to the quality and you’ll see in the video what I mean. The core essence is there and you can understand what each Future Shop employee goes through to understand what they are selling and how it eventually makes for a better store experience for us customers.

A couple cool things I found out: Flipswap has come to Future Shop. This allows you to trade in your old cell and get a gift card that can be redeemed at any Future Shop. Next, Zagg is coming out with full body skins for your cell, not just to protect your display.

Check out the video, apologies for the quality.