Rogers Android-powered LG Eve now available for $49.99 on 3-year

lgeveRogers has launched the Android-powered LG Eve!

Although it says it “out of stock”, this can be yours on the following decent into price plans: 3-year contract: $49.99; 2-year contract: $299.99; 1-year contract/Monthly: $349.99 and No Contract for $399.99. In addition, if you purchase online Rogers will throw in a fre Bluetooth headset that’s valued at $129.

Rogers describes the LG Eve as: “The Eves slick S-class interface lets you navigate your social networks, contacts, multimedia and Android Market apps seamlessly. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your contact list so you can manage your social networks quickly and easily. The integrated 5.0 MP camera combines with a gorgeous media gallery and video editor to provide an unprecedented multimedia experience from your smartphone.”

Specs on the Eve are:
– Slide-out 5 row QWERTY keyboard
– 3-inch touch screen with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels
– accelerometer, Wi-Fi and GPS
– 2 GB memory included and can hold up to 16GB with a MicroSD card
– 5.0 MP camera with autofocus and video capture and editor
– Built-in Google apps: Google Search, Google Maps and Google Latitude
– Access to new apps from the Android Market
– World ready phone Quad Band EDGE and Tri Band HSPA
– Up to 7.2 Mbps download speeds
– Stereo Bluetooth technology

More here at Rogers


  • Abraham Zreik

    nice, but im personally waiting for the SE Experia X10 to hit the market..thats my next Andriod phone. I have a HTC Magic and its nice but i need an upgrade in the new year.

  • Josh

    Wow, for that price and thos features you really can’t be beat.

  • J-M

    Yeah, that seems really cheap…

  • anonymus

    it looks like an awsum fone but I don’t know enough about it! plz do a full video review! wat do u think I should get this phone or the lg xenon?

  • anonymus

    I was wondering which phone to get the lg eve or the lg xenon. can somebody help me?

    • Mobile User

      I think it depends on what you want to do with the phone. Overall, I would go with the LG Eve because it has GPS, WiFi, 5MP camera with flash, includes some useful preloaded apps (like Google Maps), and can install Android apps.

      The LG Xenon is limited to installing Java apps and doesn’t have any of the other hardware features mentioned.

  • VM

    I’m unsure about this phone. Could you do a video review? Pleaseeee.

  • BMar

    What would be better, Blackberry Bold 9000 White, or the LG EVE? Which interface would be easier to access social networks such as Facebook, Msn mobile, and Twitter?

    • Dusty

      One of the Eve’s main selling features is it’s ease of integration with social networks, so I would definitely recommend the Eve.

  • Vivian Ming

    is there anyone to extend the battery life?

  • T-man

    Please do a full vidoe review

  • T-man

    whoops I meant “video”.

  • caroline

    omg i want this phone soo bad
    i have the lg neon but want this
    but to change i have to pay full price -.-

  • LeTuff

    I just got one of these like a week ago and its awesome im lovin his phone, i would deffinately reccommend this phone to anyone. 5 Stars

  • Ika

    Hey guys, just wondering: does LG EVE have mp3 audio support & does it have any “Pocket Office” features such as Word, One note, Word pad etc? Thanks to anyone who can answer me!

  • brunswick

    Yes it has a mobile office platform. Rogers is sending me a new eve. Mine has been somewhat problematic since I got it. Yes it has mp3 playback. Also the divx playback is a great feature. The annoyances are the touch sensitive screen, the two bottom touch sensitive buttons for home and back, and the space button works sparadically {on mine anyway}. I think if the screen were bigger sensitive like the iphone and those were actual buttons it would easily rival the iphone.

  • Christine

    I’m looking into getting a new phone when my current contract is up. I’ve been looking into this phone but am a little worried as I’m reading that there has been a lot of problems with the screen freezing and the phone turning off. If I do get this phone and have these issues is there a extended warranty that I should be looking into?

  • Tom

    I did have issues with the Eve’s screen freezing as Christine mentioned, but there’s an update on the LG site to update the software version to GW620R-V10f (mine was V10c). Other users have said that this has helped, and so far hasn’t had that issue since updating. Overall, I’m definitely liking this phone over my previous HTC Dream.