Fido officially launches Sony Ericsson T715a


  • Jeff

    Definitely the best value phone on Fido! Why would anyone choose a Samsung F266 over this?

  • frank yu

    should I get this or the lg xenon cuz this seems better but no touch screeen:(

    • Mervin

      The LG neon isnt full touch screen, you can only use the touch screen when your going to dial a number.

    • Mobile User

      I assume you meant LG Neon. I’ll list a few points for the two and you can decide which you want.

      LG Neon
      – EDGE device
      – touch screen is only for dialing
      – QWERTY keyboard which is good if you type a lot (e.g. text messaging or instant message)

      Sony Ericsson T715a
      – 3G device which is very useful if you do a lot of browsing or download media
      – supports video calling
      – no QWERTY keyboard

      Both use microSD memory cards and have 320 x 240 resolution screens. The SE T715a has a metal battery cover and is smaller than the LG Neon.

  • Campbell

    He was talking about the Xenon. It’s coming out in December.

    • Mobile User

      If Fido is launching the Xenon, I doubt it will launch in December.

  • H.patel

    i have bad experience with number of sony cell phone and bluetoot.
    recently i have change my cell phone from Nokia and i bought sony T715a.
    but this phone and bluetooth is not performing well within one mont started giving problem.for sony blue tooth within one month i have changed 3 and all of them giving problem.
    i dont want to buy any more sony cell phone.

  • Jen A

    I got T715a in November 09. whithin one month, the inside receiver/ear piece did not work. sent over to Sony Ericson to repair, finally got it back after one month due to Xmas season, found out immediately the problem was not solve, sent it out again next day, took another 15 days to come back. Just got it back yesterday, and now, i have to sent it out for another repair – I cannot plug sony handsfree ear piece in to the phone. Once you plug it in, it ends the call or you can never dial out. so I bought the phone for 3 month, and I barely use it for less than 1 month. The worst thing, none of FIDO and Sony Ericson are willing to help you for refun or exchange a new phone.

  • Philippe

    Thinking about changing it too… I love this phone, but I had a problem with the connector, And I think I will need to send it for repair (again) soon. It has a lot to offer, but it’s not the most resistant phone ever.

    And seeing what Rogers has to offer… the T715 suddently feel so old. I’m definitly considering to cross over at Rogers and get myself a cute X10mini

  • mobilesearcher

    hey mobile syrup!
    there are no normal reviews of this phone, this looks like the best choice from fido right now it’s $25 with 2 year term and billing by the second!
    Good by rogers and everyone else (yes I know rogers owns fido)

  • funkydisco

    i just recieved the device for 2 weeks now. i enjoy the flash the extra features that is offer compared to my older sony device. the web is faster. its compact. the screen is clear and nice size the speaker phone is loud and crisp. the wind proof conversation on the phone.

    its what you call a simple phone that does smart things.. i got it for free so i didnt expect much on it.. has no giving me any trouble …

    PROS: flash… speaker phone. media. cpmact yet buttons are spacy, 3 g. vedio dj , picture dj music dj.

    CONS: the call quality could be better i was dispointed in that and the camera is vey sensitive you have to stand so still … but i do love the options on the photoshop

    7/10 vote .