Rogers to launch 5 “Webphones” under $100


  • Kmusky

    Except for the Eve, that’s a big pile of meh.

  • Cheers

    would be good if rogers offered some of them without a data plan, but again, data plans are like 20% of their revenue…only if rogers arent so greedy….. and the SE X1 is not new, they just decided to lower the price from 250 to 99, cuz iphone is too popular and sells only at 99-299

    • TNSF

      The Magic and Bold aren’t new either. Only two of the phones are new.

  • Denis M.

    Don’t they already offer most of those phone at that price already…? Is there anything I’m missing here?

  • dink

    So if I understabd this correctly, Rogers is taking the email, GPS, calendar, and all those other features OUT of the smartphone, leaving the web browser in, and calling it a “web-phone”. And they think this will sell better? Hmmm…time to call my stock-broker and sell.

    • schultzter

      On the contrary, I think a lot of people (well me at least) would like a phone that surf’s well but don’t want to pay the premium plans to get a cheap smart phone with other features they don’t need.

      Instead of making people choose between +/- $20/month for voice vs. a combo plan now they can sell people a voice plan plus a $5 or $10 browsing plan. Or other incremental upgrades tailored to each user’s needs.

  • Ned

    Haven’t used the others, but I have used Blackberry (too much). And with that…

    So they’re going to sell a Blackberry as a “web phone”.

    Has anyone at Rogers used the RIM browser? Anyone?

    • Mobile dude

      You’d be surprised how improved the RIM browser is on the 5.0 BlackBerry platform. Try browsing on a Bold 9700, and then tell me that the BlackBerry webphone offers can’t browse.

  • Kyle Burt

    even more CRAP from this company. Man.. I can’t wait till they finally realize that they’re sinking. I’m a Rogers user ONLY because I’m a GSM believer.

    But i’m sick of them and their lack of everything.

  • Anthony

    I wanna know the no contract price of the eve! It looks like a nice compact qwerty, with android! Which i love