Samsung Link Video Review

If you’re looking for a texting device that has the style of a full smartphone without the cost, then you’ll love the Samsung Link. This little beast is meant for texting and has a full QWERTY keyboard. We’ve been playing around with the Link for a bit and love how easy it is to start using.

This device is truly meant for texters. The keyboard is somewhat tight, but the more you text the more you get used to using it. With overall dimensions of 6.1(w) x 1.3(h) x 11.23(d) cm it’s lightweight and weighs in at only 106 grams. One of the key features of the Link is that it can hold up to 16GB of memory with a microSD card. So you can put all your music in their (great speakers and 3.5 mm headset jack), all your pictures – this comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera (self portrait mirror).

Some other key notable attributes are the 2.2 inch LCD screen, Bluetooth 2.0, assisted GPS, Speakerphone and MP3 player. honestly though, if you want a texting device at an affordable cost, this should be one to consider. It looks good, feels light and is available at Bell, Virgin and Solo.

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  • Eric

    Hey, awesome video! Quick question about the Link: can you change the theme?

  • steph

    hey the vid was great i was just wondering if it has a sim card slot ? and can it be unlocked

    • Goku

      No its CDMA so no SIM card, It can be unlocked to work on CDMA providers like Verizon, Sprint, and Its already on Canadian ones Bell, Solo, and Virgin

    • Narco

      So does that mean you can put any mp3 file as a ringtone ???

  • Joe

    just picked this up for my wife yesterday from Solo. At the moment the only issue I have with the phone is that for some reason when I try to play mp3s from the main menu using the music player icon, I get a pop up saying file does not exist.
    The only way to play the mp3s on the micro sd card is to go into the tools/mass storage/file manager/memory card. From here I click on the song and the player comes up and plays the song. Once the music player is accessed I can skip to the next song on the micro sd card and so on.
    Other than that, the phone plays mp3s nicely, and the speaker does a pretty nice job.

    • JB

      I’m assuming you’ve worked this out by now, but just in case – I was able to save the mp3s I directly to the folder called “MUSIC” on the microSD card. They show up in the music player when they are saved there. You can also move the files using your phone if you choose “options” on a mp3 but you might have to do it one at a time if you do it that way, not sure.

  • Joe

    Hey just want to thank you for your input. Actually I never figured it out till your post. Im usually able to figure things like this out (Im a blackberry user myself) But having this issue remedied will make my wife happier with her samsung link.
    Thanks again!

  • Elliee

    Hey, about the music thing, if you put the SD card in your computer, put all your music in the folder music on the SD card and it all goes to ur music icon on the phone 🙂

  • shana

    hi. I got my samsung link phone today and i inserted the memory card and i went to music it says i need a memory card then i went to my pictures and click on the memory card file and it says does not exist. I have the right memory card and i put it in properly but why is it not working.

  • CJ

    @ Shana, did you ever figure out what was causing the SD card problem?
    I’m running into the same problem….

  • Jacob

    I just ordered the link,and i was wondering if it had a video player?

  • Rose

    I just got the link today, to replace my broken Moto Razr, and I put my micro SD card from my Razr and nothing’s coming up on the link for my pictures… Tips…??

  • Danielle

    I just got my samsung link yesterday but i have a big problem. When i try to answer calls it doesnt work, it seems like i answered them but the person waiting for me to pick up its still ringing on their line. Sometimes it works when i pick up but most of the time it doesnt its like a 30% of it working and 70% not working. How do i answer calls, when i hold down the talk button for 2 seconds most of the time it does work but i cant just click it. I NEED HELP!!

  • Clara

    I have a LG choclate and was SICK of the poor signals and phone dropped all the time. Is Samsung LINK a better choice? Please advice. Thank you.

    • Paul

      Can you change the background color from white to anything else?

  • Jesse S.

    90% satisfied with my Link, considering I only paid 55 bucks for it, only thing missing is videoplayer and inability to have gmail mobile

    • Bonny

      I just wanna ask if you could play the songs from memory card as a ringtones? coz i’m trying to put my files as ringtone but it says me that “download first”. what does it means?

  • Ken Armstrong

    @ Jesse S

    I have a link. u do not need gmail mobile. just go to the mobile gmail website. it is just as good and you get the same thing. i have had this since August of last year as soon as virgin released it. i have had no problems. i also have a 4GB microsd card for it. to format the card right you need to put it int the phone first for about 2 mins. then take it out, plug it in to your comp, and put MP3’s in the music folder.

    Anyway i have been reall happy with this phone, just thought i would say it again!!

  • kate

    ok so is there any way i can put the alerts like txt messages and ringtone on vibrate and keep the alarm on high? it seems dumb that i cant turn the volume off to go to bed and still have the alarm on to wake me up in the morning.

    • dall.

      I figuired this out one day … go to settings, sounds, volume, advanced, alarms, then click adjust volume and it will be different then the ringer volume … try it just to make sure … it worked for me … im Pretty satisfied about this phone except I can’t fiquire out if u can make music player songs to ringtones 🙁

  • maryjean

    Does the link for virgin run java or brew? I’m thinking of buying it but I love downloading java games for free online so I would be really bummed if jar files weren’t usable on this phone :/

  • Jesse

    I much rather use the gmail app, when I first got the phone I was able to add it and use it, but I had to do a reset and lost it and have to been able to get it back since then. But now I use opera mini 5 so its much easier and faster to get to it. The other problem I have with using opera and when I was using gmail app is the phone always asking me if I give permissionn I have 2 options, yes this time or no never, anyone know how to change this or get rid of the option.

  • Jill

    Hey..Im just about to buy this phone and I was wondering if it’s a good idea..

  • Sylvain

    i just bought this phone and put in an SD card so I could use my own ringtones, but it’s not giving me an option to assign those mp3s as ringtones. I only see 1 – Ringtone 2 – Melodies 3 – My Downloads.

    Does anyone know how to assign mp3s that are on the SD card as ringtones? Please help.

  • awwal

    heyy.. i got this phone like three weeks ago.. and all of as udden my email is not working anymore… and it was working perfefctly fine before…. help plsss

  • Nora Vincent

    Anyone figure out how to get other ringtones on here yet?

  • Dw

    Please shut up nora

  • bob

    How do i take the back of my link??????

  • justine

    how do i delete my quick messages on my samsung link ?

  • Heather

    I’v ehad my phone of a few years and last month the charger broke i could still charge it i would just have to hold it in. So a few days ago I charged it and when i went to unplug it it was off so i tried turning it back on, taking ou tthe battery, everything and theres no rest button and if there is i tried and it didn’t work, what should I don how do I fix this?

  • kethaniel

    im gunna buy this phone this week and i was wondering if it has a video player and i was also wondering if you could use your music from your memory card as a ringtone ?!

  • Shari

    I’ve had this phone for 10 months and I want to throw it in front of a truck okay ppl dont even attempt buying it cuz its total garbage and you;ll regret it the week after you bought it

  • Mackenzie C

    im wanting to get and actually getting one sooon i wanna know if its a goood idea 🙂

  • cynthia richardson

    hi i have a problem with my samsug link i just got it like 4 days ago and i only have like 10 contacts ,today i tried to put another contact in and it said entry restricted and kept going right back to the menu . i dont know what to do could someone tell me what to do ?

  • Oelvie

    Posted on Actually, I’d like being more kidlike all year round! I think maybe I’ll work on that for the new year meiteng each new day with the enthusiasm, excitement, and awareness as if I’m seeing things for the first time. Love your blog and I’ll be back!