Apple files patent for the iPhone Nano?

iphone-nano-patent-imageThe rumours of the iPhone Nano have been swirling for over a year now. Today, a patent that was filed over 2-years ago was re-discovered (originally submitted in Australia by John G. Elia) that gives clearer view of what the smaller iPhone would look like.

According to MacNN, “The design involves a very sophisticated yet complicated dual-surface user interface. The full face-side of this device will be nothing more than a display, much like the iPhone is today, while the back-side will be primarily dominated by a force-sensitive touch based surface. Your fingers, which act as a cursor, control the face-side UI by the back-side etched controls… The patent presents us with a wide array of modes that the new iPod nano or nano-styled device could be used in – such as phone mode, video play mode, audio play mode, calendar mode, email mode, address book mode and image capture mode.”

Sounds pretty good. But think about it. Today you can pick up an iPhone 3G for $99 and the 3GS for $199 both on a 3-year plan. By the time this comes out, if ever, how much cheaper could it get for us Canadians?

However, sure sounds like from looking at the images and reading the entire overview that Apple once again might come up with something remarkable.

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