TELUS launches the Curve 8350i on its Mike Network


  • everythingsablur

    If you’re looking for it, get it from the Team Web Store (you just need to know someone that works at Telus, or at the very least, their email address). MUCH cheaper.

    No contract $419.99
    1 year $369.99
    2 year $269.99
    3 year $69.99‡

    ‡ Offer expires March 5th, 2009. Available for clients (new and renewal) who activate on a 3-year service agreement with voice plan and data rate plan feature totaling $45 or more.

  • piper975

    Great phone !!!! … Now if someone would only do some in depth investigation into why SMS/MMS send does not work from the 8350i then I would be really impressed. Appears this effects almost all 8350i for both Sprint/Nextel and Telus/Mike networks. I get lots of incoming messages but can’t reply to any of them … just like every one else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!