vlingo – Voice Control your BlackBerry

“vlingo” allows you to speak into your mobile phone and search terms, addresses, send e-mails or reminders. They just released a free application for a few BlackBerry devices (Pearl, Curve and 8800 series) on either Rogers, Aliant or SaskTel(?).

The product is really cool and looks easy to use. Vlingo is touting itself as the “industry’s first complete voice-powered interface”. With the Canadian government hammering down on the use of cell phones while driving this might be an excellent product to test out.

A few highlights are: send emails and text messages, search the Web, open applications such as BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Maps, etc., dial phone numbers, look up contacts and send notes. if you do use it for surfing please check your data plan.

Dave Grannan, CEO of vlingo said: “Just a few months ago, vlingo was selected to voice-enable Yahoo! oneSearchTM, which showed the world just how quick and easy mobile Web search can be with the power of voice. Vlingo takes this technology beyond Web search into everyday applications that are now instantly more usable and easier to find because you only need to think about one button and a few spoken words. Vlingo believes that we can immediately improve the way every person interacts with their wireless device.”

Here is the video that shows vlingo in all its glory:

To download visit Vlingo.com