Apple iOS 7.1 rumoured to be released next month


Apple released the completely redesigned iOS 7 back in September and, based on visits to the App Store, the latest stats show its adoption rate at 80%. There have been several minor updates to iOS 7, mainly small patch and security fixes, but the rumours circling the internet are that iOS 7.1 will be arriving in March.

Apple seeded iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers late last week and some of the enhancements we can expect are a new dialler with a ton of circles, speed improvements and an improved Calendar app.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • gooby

    Why is Steve Jobs in the pic lol

    • alphs22

      He wants his 3.5″ screen back.

    • Eduardo

      Well, it was clearly the perfect size everybody wanted

    • TrainAss

      Well… everyone in the Apple world. I’m very happy with my 5″ screen.

    • Eduardo

      Oh me too… I guess the SARCASM tag was required on my comment

    • Mayoo

      They are trying to call him. Apple doesn’t know he passed away since they live 5 years ago.

    • Tom

      Steve Jobs is angry with the direction Tim Cook has taken the company in. Angry enough to come back from the dead!

  • Jakob

    Let the butt-hurt start pouring in…

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Apple must be in trouble if they are calling the dead for help. :)

  • alecthefail

    steve jobs ain’t dead?

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Yes, he is. Maybe with the new update the iPhones will me able to call the underworld, which might justify the hike in price of the devices. lol

    • alphs22

      Still spewing out this non-sense about hiking the iPhone price?

      Release prices of unlocked iPhones at the US Apple Store:

      iPhone 4: $649 (summer 2011)
      iPhone 4s: $649 (fall 2011)
      iPhone 5: $649 (fall 2012)
      iPhone 5s: $649 (fall 2013)

    • Mayoo

      Nexus 5: $349 and comes with real quality specs.

    • alphs22

      Tell us something we don’t know.

    • mggOptimusG

      The hike in prices is not for UNLOCKED phones, it is for subsidized versions where they went from 169 to 229 for Bell.
      And the hike is even higher on iPhones with more memory.
      Looking at my old iPhone 4s, and looking at my OptimusG 4.2 … I do not miss the 4s a bit, no matter the OS version.

    • alphs22

      So you blame Apple for Bell raising their prices. Okay.

      Also take a look at USD-CAD conversion rate.

    • Columbo

      32GB is $849

    • TrainAss

      So, explain the high price compared to phones which greatly exceed the iPhone in terms of specs and performance.

    • alphs22

      What phones are you talking about? Performance based on what?

      I’m looking at PhoneArena’s benchmarking results and I see the iPhone 5s beating the Nexus 5 and the S4 in Sunspider, Basemark X, GFXBench, Kraken.

      The price of an iPhone is high compared to the Nexus 5, yes, because Google can afford to sell handsets at-or-lower than cost as they generate revenue primarily from ads, not hardware sales. You compare the price of iPhones to flagships from companies like Samsung and HTC and they’re in the same range, with similar performances.

    • casey

      Unlocked iPhone in Canada 5s: $719, the 5 was $700 in Canada

    • alphs22

      Take a look at the value of the $CAD vs. $USD over the last few years.

    • casey

      the iPhone was $649. Also the price has not changed with the exchange rate. We’ve got from almost on par to 70cents to the dollar?

    • alphs22

      $649 USD = $718 CAD.

      What are you on about again?

    • casey

      Then why has both the 5 and 5s prices gone up each time while before it was constant?

    • alphs22

      $CAD started to slide in Autumn 2012, which is when the iPhone 5 was released. Apple probably increased the price in Canada to protect themselves from currency fluctuations, a common practice for multinational companies.

      The way the $CAD is going, at $719 each iPhone sold will probably net them less than $649 USD soon.

    • TonyC

      The Canadian dollar hasn’t been in the 70 cent range since the early 2000s. Today it closed at $0.9051 cents.

    • Buzz88

      Yeah, I saw him doing a show in Vegas with Elvis.

  • teddygramz2060

    is that patch fix for icloud fixed i had to put a password on my phone

    i cant wait to lose my jailbreak ever since i did tat my phone is been acting up

    • Richard Xing

      It is fixed in 7.1

    • teddygramz2060

      so if i had the jailbreak it will be gone

    • Richard Xing


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