Acer Iconia Tab A510 pre-order page goes live again, “Estimated release date: 04/25/2012″


  • Biz

    pretty nice deal for a 32gb quad core!!

  • pats


    • beh

      You’re not even first. FAIL

  • Sean

    I’d spend the extra $50 and get a Transformer Prime

  • Wilde

    I look forward to a MS review on this!

  • Dylan K

    The prime has a leg up on it just with the addons keyboard, but still a solid price for $450.

  • bob c

    The prime has hardware issues i got the a200 and have to say its pretty sweet. I just pre orderd this one im taking back the a200 just wantedbto try it out first

  • Sub-Joker

    I tried the Acer a100 and while it is a snappy little tablet (faster and more stable than many android tablets I tried), the screen was terrible. Bad viewing angle, very glossy/reflective, and terrible touch sensors (it wasn’t very precise for touching). also, the build quality of the A100 was not good at all.

    That’s why, I wonder if 50 bucks would be justified when comparing this to the T-Prime which has great build quality (although the unit I tested had bleeding LCD at one corner, I assumed it’s only the model I had and not a general thing). Also, put into account the great support you get from Asus. while Acer is doing a good job, it’s no match to what Asus is doing with their tablets. simple comparison, the A500 still on honeycomb while the transformer (the first one) is on ICS.

    • Russ W.

      Actually the A100 is a sweet deal. You’re right about the touch sensitive issue. My tablet had a major issue with that. Damn thing started acting like it was possessed! But Acer took it in and fixed it under manufacture’s warranty. I put ICS on that sucker and now it runs like a dream! ICS makes a HUGE difference in Android tablets.