Twitter: Apple’s iPad announcement saw a peak at 10:41am with about 11,000 Tweets per minute

Twitter released some interesting stats from the New iPad announcement yesterday. The chart is broken down by Tweets per minute and time of day. When the Apple event started at 10:00am (PST) Twitter was seeing about 3,000 Tweets per minute with the term “iPad”. This gradually increased and bolted up to about 9,000 Tweets per minute when the name was officially revealed as “The New iPad”. The peak was at 10:41am when the $499 starting price was announced (us Canadians will pay $529), Twitter saw about 11,000 Tweets per minute.

Source: Twitter
Via: MacRumours

  • Kid.Canada


  • WhoCares

    Its amazing how we can track all this.

  • ruddias

    However, they forgot to mention 90% of the tweets were along the lines of: Super let down… #TheNewiPad

    • Rio

      Yeah its too bad they didn’t change the way it looked. It seems that the only thing people care about.

  • Jim

    I Tweeted how useless the iPad was. #FailPad should be the new trend.

  • BB King

    I can just hear the iSheep now……..”Bahhhhuuuyyyy the new iPad….. Bahhhhuuuyyyyy it”

  • MG

    and who exactly gives a flying FCK about this…?

  • KingK

    Everyone lost interest after 2 hours

  • dagmar schneitz

    Is it just me or is this new Ipad going to worth far less than this twitter chatter?

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