Virgin removes long distance and roaming charges on select Talk and Text plans

Ian Hardy

October 4, 2011 8:33am

It was only a month ago that Virgin introduced a $5 add-on that gave Unlimited long distance on select Talk and text plans. To keep up with other carriers, effective today Virgin Mobile is now including Canada-Wide calling on the following plans: Talk & Text 15, 20, 25, 35 and Talk and Voicemail 25. This now means the minutes you have in your plan are all local, no long distance or roaming will be charged. This promo is available “until further notice” to new and existing “members”.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • b.r

    what’s the new 50$ unl. talk and text plan? nationwide?

  • Jon

    Good. I hope the trend continues. It’s 2011, and long domestic long distance costs 0.5 cent to 1 cent per minute. There’s no need to charge 30-40 cents for this.

    Plus with all those new area codes, it’s getting hard to keep track what’s local and what’s not. Everybody’s life would eb easier if, like the US, every carrier includes national-wide calling.

  • Claudiu

    the 50$ Unlimited plan sounds like the current unlimited local 45$ plus the 5$ Long Distance addon.

  • elnad

    How long before Fido offer this too. Come on Fido, try to at least follow if you can’t lead.

  • RealRoaming

    Roaming only happens if you go on SOMEONE ELSE’S network. Unlmited Canadian Long Distance would allow you to use your phone anywhere in Canada and only use up your local minutes while on Virgin’s network (i.e. Bell’s Network). This does not have anything to do with Roaming.

  • Claudiu

    If you are on the 35$ plan with local calling do they automatically migrate you over to the long distance one? Or do I have to call in ?

  • Nobel

    One of my friends has just signed up for Virgin Mobile last week and with the $5 long distance addon he gets 200 minutes and unlimited evening and weekend from 5PM. Now here is the catch from Virgin Mobile. This week they introduce no long distance charge canada wide and they removed extra 50 minutes and unlimited evening starts from 7PM.