Confirmed: BlackBerry coming to Koodo Mobile…

Ian Hardy

March 30, 2010 7:46am

Back on February 7th we posted an article of a rumour that stated Koodo Mobile was going to jump on the bus and add smartphones to their lineup in the April/May time frame. We hear this is still on track and more news today from straight from BlackBerry BIS as it shows the Koodo logo.

We’re not 100% sure on what BlackBerry device/devices they’ll launch but early rumours are the Curve 8530. In addition, we can see Koodo launching the Pearl and the Pearl Flip as these will fit well with their Tab system (all CDMA devices). Regarding the Tab they have in place and smartphones, we were also informed that “there would be an increase in the Tab on data phones/packages above a certain price point (similar to the carriers and how they subsidize pricing on a 3-year contract with a minimum $50 Voice and Data plan).”

We’ll have more info soon with specifically what device/devices they’ll be adding.

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  • Jim R

    The arrival of data plans to Koodo would be a welcome development. However, the really big deal would be Koodo getting on Telus’ HSPA network, thus freeing Koodo customers from the tyranny of the puny Koodo phone selection.

  • jay

    hurry up koodo cant wait much longer getting sick of unlimited web browsing i want wifi and blacberry goodness

  • Candace

    And iPhone?? Is that coming too… Or perhaps that’s too much wishful thinking 😛

  • J

    Something big is happening, I spoke with a rep the other day and they said to watch out for somethign to happen around the 11th of April.
    So maybe will see a CDMA blackberry, or maybe a sim card around then

  • Jason M

    It would be nice if one of these services offered BIS only plans with no voice. This way I can keep my BB for its BBM and other services and get a Spartphone for everything else

  • Karam

    I wouldn’t mind switching if they included call display in all their plans

  • Candace

    That makes total sense! April 11th is the day thier “sales” end so it seems to be the day to watch! I can’t wait 🙂

  • jo

    omg finaly something good as a cellphone on koodo. i got the motorola a455 and is crap lots of bugging. even with the instructions they sent me and the usb cable… i did everything by the leter the cellphone updated and the problem is still there…

  • J

    Yea they had a lot of problems with that moto, even other carriers that had it, I have the Sam slyde and had no problems with it so far not to mention dropping it atleast twice a week lol

  • Andrew Smith

    All their sales end on the 18th not the 11th….

  • Jen

    I JUST talked to a Koodo Rep on the phone who confirmed they will be getting Blackberry’s in the next 2 weeks!!! YAY!