Bell reportedly ignored customer’s requests to repair fallen equipment for months [Update]

"Bell has left their cable box in our driveway for 6 months and despite 10+ tickets hasnt done anything about it"

Update 03/30/2023 6:08pm ET: Legit4u posted on Reddit that Bell has reattached the box.

Final Update: They are re attaching the box.
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The original story is below:

A frustrated homeowner has taken to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with Bell Canada.

According to ‘Legit4u’ on Reddit, a Bell cable box, which one Redditor claimed was a ‘CSP,’ has been left in their driveway for six months, right next to the pole it is supposed to be attached to. Despite filing 10+ tickets with the company, the box remains on the ground, taking up a lot of parking space.

“Bell has left their cable box in our driveway for 6 months and despite 10+ tickets hasnt done anything about it bell” wrote U/legit4u. “When it sits in my driveway, I lose 1/2 of my parking spots.”

The Redditor has filed 10+ complaints, and every time they are told that a technician will contact them within 48 hours, but the majority of the time, no call is received. When they do receive a call, they are given a timeline for the box to be reattached to the pole, but nothing has happened.

“I just want to be able to park at my own home fam,” wrote the Redditor. Several Redditors were quick to offer tips to make Bell fix the box with haste.

“Cut the lines to it haha im sure someone will come out asap,” wrote one user, while another said, “Send an invoice to them for the parking spot they’re using. $300 a month seems fair.”

“Snip the fiber going in and call it a day. When the gang comes by to fix it you plead ignorance, but point out if it was pole mounted this wouldn’t happen. Repeat as needed until desired results are reached,” wrote one user, while a different user said, “Tell them if it’s moved by end of the week your gonna cut the wires and put it on the road. And when they don’t show and it happens they will come really quick.”

It is unclear why the company has not responded to the numerous service requests made by the homeowner, but what is clear is that Bell definitely needs to invest in better customer service and provide timely resolution to service requests.

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