Armored Mewtwo and maybe even Team Rocket are coming to Pokémon Go

An armored version of Mewtwo and Team Rocket are coming to Pokémon Go.

Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo is set to be a raid boss for a limited time this summer and will only be included in five-star Raids. After the player defeats Armored Mewtwo, they then have the chance to capture the Pokémon, so make sure to grab Golden Razz Berries.

The Pokémon will first become available on Wednesday, July 10th at 1pm ET/4pm PT and leave the game on Wednesday, July 31st.

Armored Mewtwo is a Psychic-type, with weaknesses to Bug, Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon. Finally, Armored Mewtwo will have a 49.430CP, according to Niantic.

Team Rocket

Pokémon Go Fest in Germany featured a Team Rocket hot air balloon that took to the sky. The Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago last month also included Team Rocket gang members via augmented reality.

With Shadow and Armored versions of Pokémon, it makes sense for Team Rocket to be the next dark step for the mobile game. However, it’s unclear exactly what role Team Rocket will play in Pokémon Go.

Team Rocket is the enemy gang in the Pokémon series, both in games and the anime television show.


Pokémon Go dataminer ‘Chrales’ tweeted new information about the mobile game. The datamine further pushes information about Team Rocket grunts that will appear at Pokéstops. After the player battles the grunts it appears that they leave behind ‘Shadow Pokémon’ the player will have to battle against and capture Pokémon. The player will have to purify these ‘Shadow Pokémon’ likely similar to how it’s done on Pokémon Coliseum.

Source: Eurogamer (2), ‘Chrales‘, Via: Polygon

Update:08/07/19: The datamined section of the story corroborates with a new datamine exposing future game features.