Apple Pay and Android Pay now work with Desjardins Mastercards

Android Pay

Both Apple Pay and Android Pay in Canada now work with Desjardins Mastercards.

Until recently, Android Pay only supported Desjardins Access Cards (Interac debit cards), Visa credit cards, Visa prepaid cards and UNI Financial cooperation cards (a connected New Brunswick credit union), with no Desjardins Mastercard. Meanwhile, Apple Pay only supported Desjardins Visa credit cards and Interac debit cards.

After reports from readers that the Desjardins Mastercard had started working on the two major mobile payments platforms, Desjardins confirmed the news by updating the mobile payments section of its website. Apple and Google have yet to update their respective support pages.

Both Apple Pay and Android Pay have yet to hit a tipping point of widespread market saturation in Canada. Android’s mobile payments solution debuted in May 2017, while Apple’s solution debuted the year previous in May 2016.

Source: Desjardins