Hakim Optical launches augmented reality app that lets users try on glasses frames

Your eye can have it all with a Hakim Optical Android and iOS app

Canadian optometry chain Hakim Optical has launched a new Android and iOS app.

The Hakim Optical Virtual Try-on app — developed by Toronto-based VusionVR — snaps a pair of frames to a user’s face so they can see how glasses will potentially look without needing try on a real pair.

The app is incredibly barebones and features a swath of different frames. Users can also customize lens opacity.

In practice, the app is quite responsive and is no doubt a welcome entrypoint for anyone thinking of purchasing new frames for their glasses.“Consumers seek social approval before purchasing glasses, especially when it comes to fashion forward frames,” said John Worden, vice president of marketing for Hakim Optical in a November 21st, 2017 media release. “This application remove the friction and allows consumers to poll their friends and social peers before making the purchase.”

Users also receive a coupon code if they take a screenshot of their face using the built-in camera function.

The app is free-to-download on both Android and iOS.

Source: CNW