Arms’ first free DLC includes new fighter, stage and weapons


Nintendo’s surprisingly solid fighting game Arms has being updated with a new fighter and stage.

The free DLC pack, called Arms 2.0, adds a variety of new content to the game, including an additional mode, extra arms and a new stage. The latest addition to the game’s roster is a fighter from Arms’ Grand Prix mode, Max Brass. Players are now able to fight as Brass and battle it out on his Skylot Arena stage.

Arms’ other boss, Hedlok, is also getting a staring role in the update’s new versus mode. In this mode players battle for a chance to grab a moving capsule that contains a Hedlok mask, allowing them to transform into the boss and continue fighting.

The update also adds three new Arms: the Nade, Roaster and amusingly named, Kablammer. In a move that will please the game’s competitive players, the controversial Snake Park arena — a stage where players battled it out on spinning tops — has also been removed from the game’s ranked mode. Finally, overall player stats are now tracked from the game’s home screen, revealing how accurate players are with specific Arms and characters.

Nintendo says that this update is just the first part of more free Arms content that’s set to arrive in the near future. The next major Nintendo Switch game set to hit the console is Splatoon 2. We’ll have more on Splatoon 2 in the coming weeks.

Source: NeoGAF Via: Engadget