Google messaging app Duo has 10 million downloads, but its rank doesn’t show it

For an app that’s barely one month old, 10 million downloads isn’t too shabby.

Google Duo was one of two messaging apps announced during Google’s developer conference a few months ago. Duo is a video messaging app, while its counterpart Allo is a text messaging app powered by the Google Assistant.

The app had reached five million downloads in the first week that it had been released, a number which has doubled in the three weeks following. However, you’d never know of it’s success while its currently ranked number 127 in the App Store.

Just two days after its launch, Duo had risen to first place the Google Play Store. Since then, the app has fallen from grace by more than 100 spaces. However, according to Android Police, those who use it really enjoy it, therefore awarding it with 4.4 stars.

Reviewers have praised the app’s simplicity, despite getting overshadowed by other announcements during Google’s developer conference. Both Duo and Allo are end to end encrypted.

Download Duo on iOS and Android here.

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