Tim Hortons is releasing a special Snapchat Canada Day geofilter

What is something that is quintessentially Canadian (no matter who owns it)? If you picked Tim Hortons, well, you’re correct– in my mind at least.

Tomorrow being Canada Day and Tim Hortons being a Canadian brand, the company has worked with Snapchat to develop the first ever national Canada Day geofilter. The geofilter will only work in Canada, of course, and only on July 1. It can be activated by taking a snap and then swiping to the left or right to select the Tim Hortons Canada Day filter. Now, we aren’t exactly sure what the filter will look like. But, my guess is that it’ll have something to do with coffee and Canada.

For those who decide to use the geofilter Tim Hortons will reward you with the possibility to win Tim Hortons coffee for one year, so it’s a win-win. Show your Canadian pride and get a chance to win Tim Hortons Coffee for a year. Sounds awesome to me.

Tim Hortons Snapchat

You can add Tim Hortons as a friend by scanning their snap code on the donut pictured above, or, by entering their username: “TimHortons.” While you’re at it, follow MobileSyrup too. You can find us by our username “MobileSyrup” or, by clicking here.

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