App of the Week: Canadian Net Income Calculator


  • L Joel

    Between my paystub and all the annual tax receipts sent at this time of year.. All one needs is turbo tax to realize we are over taxed

    • DMan

      So quit complaining and move somewhere that doesn’t tax you as much if it’s so bad

    • MoYeung

      Google this: DOUG SAUNDERS
      No surprise here: Canada a turnoff for some refugees

    • blzd

      I prefer to travel back in time before the the world wars when we didn’t have tax.

  • Humza

    I downloaded this app and will continue to use it periodically as required due to the second tab in it..thanks 🙂

  • TheShinraCorp .

    If there’s one thing about these calculators I don’t like is that they all give out different results for the same values I entered… One said I’m reimbursed 2000$ another say I’m reimbursed by 1000$ around and another was like 49$ reimbursed… sheesh make up your mind. I’ll just keep using TurboTax.

  • vinojan b

    this calculator follows the rules applied by CRA.

  • MoYeung

    Does it do CPP and other deductions? If not, it is useless.

    • vinojan b

      it has a real time currency conversion.

  • Longtin

    Whoever made that app, good job that’s a cool idea! I love how you actually did something and put yourself on the line and all the time put into the app. Now what would be the benefit of downloading the app if I use TurboTax or uFile for my returns? They literally do everything for me. They even automatically send it to the CRA for you via NetFile.

    • vinojan b

      Thank you for the comment Longtin. The benefit of the app is that the Canadian Net Income Calculator will keep you well aware of how much spending money you’ll have next week, how much your pay would be worth in other currencies so you can set the right amount aside for your next getaway. The real time currency conversion is a premium service which is offered free on the app.

  • Niall

    Very interesting. I don’t expect it can do certain unusual situations, such as working in one province and living (and paying taxes in) another (hello national capital region, but I’m sure others happen too), nonetheless the other benefits mentioned above can be useful as guides.

    PS: that it does real-time conversion while requiring absolutely no special permissions is a MAJOR bonus.

    • vinojan b

      Thank you for your comment Niall. The app is fairly new, and more updates are on its way. CPP and EI deductions are added now. Furthermore the currency conversion has been upgraded as well .