Say goodbye to manufacturer stickers: government now allowing e-labels

Google Glass

As the personal devices landscape changes, so too must the laws governing the sale and distribution of those devices. The government today announced changes to laveling laws that will allow manufacturers to inform you of mandatory information electronically as opposed to providing visual representation of that information on the device itself.

Those big stickers you probably pull (or wish you could pull) off your devices? Those aren’t there just for ugly decoration. They contain information that the manufacturer is required to display on the outside of the device (think, warranty, radio equipment, model number or otherwise). Now, thanks to new rules relating to e-labeling, manufacturers can send you that information electronically.

This is great for the environment, because it means manufacturers aren’t printing thousands of stickers, but it also means that our devices will look a lot better. Though it’s unlikely that manufacturers have been altering the sizes of their devices to ensure they have enough room for mandatory information, the elimination of stickers and informational engravings mean our devices will look a lot cleaner and more refined. Or at least like the folks at Samsung, Apple, or Motorola intended when they first sketched up the design.

This is especially important as we enter the world of wearables and internet of things and devices get much smaller.

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