Vine arrives on Windows Phone to further narrow the app gap

Windows Phone users will be delighted to note that Vine, Twitter’s six-second video platform, has arrived on the platform.

Available for Windows Phone 8 devices only, the app attaches much of the traditional “Metro” styling to the feature set, and offers a few Windows Phone-specific differences like Live Tile and Lens support. You can pin a specific user to your home screen, too, for easy access.

All of the major features are included, including ghosting and grids, but the latest ones added to iOS and Android, like drafts and re-sequencing of shots, are not yet in place. The front-facing camera is also working properly.

Though Vine already has an excellent third-party client in Rudy Huyn’s 6Sec, it was not endorsed by the company and lacked a few features of its native counterpart.

Now all we need to do is wait for Instagram to arrive, and Windows Phone users will have even fewer reasons to complain.

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