Angry Birds Go! coming December 11th, makes us miss Mario Kart

What do you get when you take the most popular mobile franchise in history, combine it with one of the most beloved game types ever, and release it for free on every major mobile platform?

Insane amounts of money, most likely.

Rovio has announced the impending release of Angry Birds Go! on December 11th for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. The title takes the eponymous birds of the 2D slingshot game and transposes them in 3D space, adding power-ups and kart-busting physics.

Of course, being a touchscreen-based game, there are no controls to speak of — characters cannot reverse or slow down as they can in Mario Kart — but the chaos and cartoony graphics harken back to a simpler, Nintendo-friendly time.

The game will be free, with in-app purchases to get through tougher levels and unlock characters. Rovio has once again teamed up with Hasbro for its Skylanders-like TelePods action figures, which use physical toys to open digital content.

The graphics look pretty darn good, too, far better than any previous Angry Birds title. We’ll see how well it runs on older Android and iOS devices, but it will likely scale down the effects behind the scenes.