Samsung Galaxy Note 8 priced at $430, expected launch is April 19th


  • theeye30

    I was considering this over the iPad mini. WTH… What is this? Just gonna wait for the Note II 10.1 then…

  • silver_arrow

    Frankly I would wait a month to see if Google does come out with a new Nexus 7 before buying any other sub 10′ tablet

  • big_al77

    great resolution!!!!!! (its not reallY0
    I bought the asus smart memo pad….its 299 and works great. what a waste of dough for this.

  • EvanKrosney

    Woah, a little pricey IMO. I’d rather sacrifice a few features and get a $200 N7.

  • davedev

    I’ll stick with a 16gb Nexus 10 for less

  • Henry0623

    I rather get the iPad mini than this. Tbh cause this is too pricey

  • thas ★

    I bought my Note 10.1 for $20 more. The processor on the Note 8 is faster, but not by much. Everything else is virtually even, but the Note 10.1 has a bigger screen.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Yup, the note 10.1 is sold for 450 when on discount. I don’t know what Samsung is thinking here

  • hamza kabegula

    Dam,I think is better than blackyberry A10

  • Eric Pedro

    Here are the bad things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0:

    No premium feel
    Low resolutioned camera (but sharp with low light)
    Not a full HD screen
    Not an AMOLED screen
    Silly as a phone?
    Camera is bumping out
    No radio
    No front positioned speakers
    No LED flash light
    Price is $70 more than the “premium” iPad Mini
    No Corning Gorilla glass
    Poor battery only lasting 7-8 hours of heavy use
    Not waterproofed
    Not shock proofed
    No wireless charging
    No NFC
    Touchwiz is boring
    Micro USB port fragile
    It’s only coming out as the white version at the moment
    The S Pen feels flimsy to use

    Well, the list can go on much longer. And what a field day other people who can’t see the Note 8’s hardware & software potentials.

    It’s not all about the status of having the device. It’s about the possibility and the potential it offers with a Wacom digitizer integrated. This is the modern blank paper with endless pages, endless ink to compliment whatever you have in mind. And yeah, it does what any ordinary tablet can do, and a whole lot more innovation.

    I think the Note series are much more brilliant than other tablets out there.

  • Darth Paton

    Samsung has severely disappointed on the tablet front (Aside from the Nexus 10). Every tablet they’ve released under the galaxy brand so far has been terrible and overpriced. While Apple and Asus put out premium tablets with all metal bodies, great screens, and great features, Samsung has been producing cheep, laggy, touchwiz ridden, overpriced garbage with terrible display tech. For Samsung to hit the Note 3 10.1 out of the park, it’s going to have to have the Nexus 10 screen, all metal body (perhaps durilium like they used in a previous series 9 laptop), be lag-free, and have all of Samsung’s premium features, such as S-Pen, airview, etc.

  • anjew