TELUS HTC One S Jelly Bean update now available


  • simian

    Awesome I just ordered one of the refurbs they have on their site this morning.

    • Dan

      Awesome, I did that too and the phone I got looked brand new!

  • Peggy K.

    No update yet for mine :/

  • Adam

    I went in and checked for an update and it is downloading now. Thanks Telus, i hope it was wirth the wait.

  • john steen

    THANK GOD !!!!!!!!

  • Caldera

    If anyone has issues do a system reset.

  • PureTO

    Dl’n now… bout time Telus. Hang your head in shame Telus, as Wind beat you by a couple weeks on the update. Unfortunately Wind customers can’t get data reception to actually download the update… but it is available. 😉

    • Peggy K.

      Hmm.. What’s worse? Getting update later or no data reception?

  • Mr. Miyagi

    How does this work? I have a One S unlocked from Rogers using with Telus and I got the update a little over a month ago…

  • y2kfire

    At the risk of having my post censored for language:
    About freaking time Telus.

    Glad to finally have Jelly Bean back after tasting it on my former One X.

  • Mac53

    Bell Canada released today its Jelly Bean update. Good to have Google Now and improved notifications. Now my cell OS matches my Asus TF 201 and the google system is now sharing better.

  • Joseph

    I jumped on CM 10.1 a few weeks ago when it became clear that TELUS can’t apparently stick to their own deadlines… several times.

  • Dex

    About time. Got it today… Only two months later than they said it would be out. I guess better late than never. Definitely seems a lot smoother.

  • Nauticalnut

    Got jellybean today. Came on the HTC ONE S OTA.

  • jimbo

    updating my bell one s right now

  • Kevin

    I updated mine Tuesday night. It seems smoother and faster,