TELUS LG Optimus 7 gets Tango update, fixes numerous bugs


  • astudent

    Urgh about time. LG why can’t you be like Nokia.

    • Tony the Telus Guy (TTTG)

      When is Samsung going to launch a Windows 8 product? I worry about this OS with just Nokia and HTC in the game. Hey Samsung, why don’t you invest in WP like you did with Android? We will all win if you do

  • Marco

    That’s a good news for the three people that bought this phone. Since it launched, I don’t think it was a popular device on Telus. Nothing against WP7, I use myself a Samsung focus on Rogers.

  • Matt

    I’m one of those three people who bought this phone when it first came out, I have had zero problems with it.. so far.

  • George R

    I must be number four. Great phone. My son love it!!

  • Magnus H

    Make me #5. Great phone, wish Telus had provided a tethering update though.


    Good for you guys!
    This means that Telus released the phone in Oct 2010, you bought it soemtime between then and last year, when the phone got discontinued; which means that Telus -Windows users keep their phones for about 2 yrs!

    Its interesting to see how operators keep their 3 yr contracts but people only keep their phones for around 30 months.

    • Marco

      I dont know about all companies, but Telus lets you get the full ‘new contract’ discount for a new phone if there are less than 6 months left on your contract.

  • trevnotronik

    I just ordered this phone as an introduction into Windows Phone OS. I currently use a Galaxy S Fascinate (Telus) and have a ways to go on my contract. I just wanted a cheap back up phone. This seemed like a good phone to try out.

  • Matthew

    I have never had an issue with this phone, the best I have ever owned and it still looks good.

  • Matthew

    My only issue here with this news is that I am unlocked from Telus using this phone with Rogers. But usually I get my updates via zune.

  • Bob

    I own an LG Optimus7 (Telus) and my wife owns a Nokia 800 (Telus) and neither of us have received the update as of June 27th.

    BTW – The Optimus is a great phone, very tough and reliable. My wifes Nokia 800 (Pink) has already been drop tested and no problems. Both phones work great!!!

  • Bob

    I wrote the “I own an LG…” comment above.
    As of Monday July 2nd neither my wife Nokia 800, nor I Optimus 7 have received the Tango update. Sad considering telus announced to the media that Optimus 7 owners would get the update as of June 20th.

    Another update – My wife “drop tested” (lol) her Nokia 800 again – so far so good!

  • Bob

    ***Update 2***
    Its July 10th and neither my wifes Lumia 800 nor my LG Optimus 7 has received the Tango update.

  • Trevor

    I also have not recieved the update.

  • Pierre

    I have the Optimus 7 as well and love it.

    I am on Telus and received the update last week. No tethering though, a little disappointed at that. Anybody have an idea why it wasn’t included?