Google and ASUS rumoured to unveil a tablet “as early as May”, says Digitimes


  • Daniel AJ

    Google I/O is June 27-29…

    • Paul

      199 :-$ here I come

  • Next604

    Where is the preorder button?


    price is amazing 199-249 everyone will be forced to drop the price , if Asus and goole tablet will be for 199 then htc, lg and samsung And apple should drop the price to 99 outright

    • bigBattery

      The $99 7″ tablet -segment will be dominated by RIM, in about 5 weeks.

      For the rest of the players there is no need to go that low.

  • Rob See

    ONLY 7″!?!?!?
    I’d hope to see something larger… say 10″?

  • bigBattery

    This is great news!
    With 7″ tablets now hovering about the $199 (playbook will drop to $99 though) how will the manufaturers/operators justify the Flagship 4.5-5″ phones like the Galaxy Nexus at $650??
    My guess is that 7″tablets with low specs will hober around $199
    mid range phones $250-350
    Flagships and high end 9-10″ tablets around $499

    The market is stabilizing and Android tablets will compete with the ipad having the same or higher specs, same apps and LOWER price.

    • Marc-Olivier Hétu

      Problem with smartphones high prices is that consumers don’t directly feel the high cost. Whether you buy a phone costing 650 or 500, the outright price will be very similar. Nokia’s strategy of cutting the prices and selling them for less is a very good one, but the impact on consumers is not very big.

      The only thing that could induce a price war would be that plans for cheaper phones… cost less. People would go to those plans.

      Seems weird, but generally, people don’t “care” that much on the outright price, they care more about the monthly price of the plan.

  • varun gupta

    Although these are tablets, I just wish this Asus tablet and the ones to come in the future have the ability to make calls as well like the Samsung 3g tablets. I was going to buy the samsung galaxy tab 7 plus this month but if the camera would be better and one can also make calls from this Asus tablet then I will wait for it. Hope more details come asap so that I can make a decision.

  • Kirby Gauthier

    Not the first tablet to run Google Play. Any Google tablet (e.g. the Motorola Xoom on ICS) currently have Google Play.

  • Jongie

    Poor Motorola lol

  • G

    Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting over a month for ASUS to ship my TF201 to TigerDirect. No reasons. No ETA. Just a giant shrug and disappointment on my and all other customers’ parts.
    …But they have time to create, market, and ship a whole new tablet (or three), so, there’s that…