Virgin Mobile to introduce the “SuperTab”


  • Andre

    Its a wonder more mobile providers don’t do something like this. Getting people’s cash up-front for services not yet provided puts that money in the providers’ account.

    This is pre-paid taken to an intelligent end where money/time doesn’t expire, but the customer is fully responsible for managing their own usage/charges.

    How many seconds before Bell (solo), Rogers (chatr/fido), and Wind follow?

  • bob_hadabayitsaboy

    training already happened and its on all virgins lineup

  • Jim R

    This sounds interesting. It’s too bad Virgin doesn’t bill by the second as do Koodo and Fido. Super-tab and per-second billing (assuming phone prices are not inflated) would make Virgin very interesting.

  • Werner

    Now the only thing Virgin needs is unlimited international texting and I will switch over to them. So far Koodo is one notch above Virgin in my books.

    • purdy44

      Virgin is having a bonus right now that if you have a plan that costs 25 bucks a month or more, they throw in international texting. Not sure if this applies to the supertab or not.

  • Breeze

    I don’t quite understand how the TAB system works in Koodo. If I bring in my own phone, do I pay the same monthly rate because I do not need to pay down the loan of the handset (“TAB”) as others who have to? After I pay back all the loan (“TAB”), do I still pay the same monthly rate if I stay with Koodo? TAB is very confusing; it is a bad idea for Virgin to follow Koodo.

  • Mike

    Tab is amazing!!! What a great idea! What % of your usage goes towards the phone?

  • Mark

    Andre I don’t know if you or I are misunderstanding here, but you don’t pay for the phone. You pay your monthly fee, and a percentage of your monthly fees go towards paying off your phone, much like receiving Fido dollars, but instead of being put into a pool to be used on a phone at a later date, they are loaning you the “fido dollars” expecting you will stay with them long enough to earn that. So in a sense fido already has this, you just have to wait for it to build up. I like the idea of a “cash advance” on the fido dollars, tough!

  • Jim R

    @Mark – Unfortunately, Fido’s phone selection is severely lacking if you want a spiffy smart phone that isn’t an iPhone. At least Virgin has the HTC Legend (which is a very nice phone).

  • Ronny

    Phone selection has been the only reason I havent already switched to Koodo, for the tab and the make-your own plan – that includes international textmessaging. If this actually happens with Virgin, I might actually consider them… maybe.

  • Mo Sh

    I just switched to Virgin, their plans aren’t bad except that they don’t offer a lot of freebies like Telus. But they don’t have an activation fee and on top of that they give you a $100 credit to use in store on any accessories which is neat. I just hoped they have call display voice mail inclusive plans.

  • Karam

    I hope other companies follow suit and eventually abolish this 3 year contract nonsense!

    I’m hoping that Telus would do something like this so I can get my hands on the HTC Desire!

  • bob_hadabayitsaboy

    they actually are offering international texting at no extra charge on the start date of supertab

  • jaws

    Its being released on August 9th

  • Jo

    From the expected VIRGIN announcement:
    “- VIP access to converts and exlusive (sic) parties”

    Would that be converts TO or FROM Islam?

  • Le ROja

    Can an iPhone be put on the tab?

  • Rachel

    ok is this for the states or for canada. because i work for virgin mobile and NOBODY here knows about this super tab thing.

  • Insider

    With the supertab, Virgin now offers their customers’ almost every possible option to get an awesome plan and hot handsets. Customer’s can:

    1. Purchase a phone outright, have no contract but still have access to awesome plans and great phones.
    2. Go on a 2 or 3 year contract and get the majority of phones at $0.00 or close to it.
    3. Use the supertab and put up to $450.00 on the tab (varies by device), then simply pay your bill and 10-15% off your bill will be used to pay off your device.
    Get voice only phones cheaper than anywhere else and get access to blackberry and iphone handset etc. at low prices with no fixed contract!!

    Virgin is better than almost all carriers in many ways:
    -No free switching
    (change your plans without renewing your contract..ahem Rogers)
    -No Hidden Fees, system access fee or GRRF(ahem…Rogers)
    -Awesome voice only plans ($25 for voice + text)
    -Awesome customer service
    -Great handsets with the selection getting better by the day!
    On and on and on and on….Virgin is the way to go!

    Virgin is a Great combination of big carieer ie. Rogers (arrogant and over priced) v. small carrier ie. Kodoo (lame handsets and paying for customer service calls lol)

  • Insider

    *One thing Virgin is missing: International text messaging included for FREE*
    With the mentality at Virgin I am certain this will be added very soon.

  • Andre

    @Mar Wait. What? This tab thing isn’t at all what I thought it was. Its just another way to spread out the cost of the purchase of a phone? Silly mobile companies.

    I like my idea – pre-paid where all the money I put on my account doesn’t expire and I can use it for whatever I want – voice, data, text, etc. at pre-set very reasonable rates because they already have my cash. If I put $500 on the account it would be up to me to add more when I run out and I could use any service my phone/carrier provides without having to sign contracts, choose a monthly data plan, etc.

    I know I’m not a standard mobile user – I’m pre-paid voice only, but I would use data if it also could be pre-paid and in my opinion, because I’m pre-paying, I believe the rates should be better than post-paid…they’ve got my money up front!

  • kelly

    @Andre. But you can leave anytime. For all they know, you have no company loyalty. Companies don’t make their money off of handsets – they make their money off of continued use of service. With a contract, they’ve got a guaranteed amount of service from you for a guaranteed period of time…or else you pay big time to leave early.

    As for a $450 tab limit…on a $25 plan, it’s going to take me 15 years to have my phone paid off, if it’s 10% of my bill going towards my phone…

  • Nirvana


  • Jesus

    And once again…thank you KOODO for making a change…thanks to KOODO, since the begin, the tab idea with no extra fees and such has made an effect on the competition. ahhhhhhh…THANK YOU KOODO!

  • Insider2

    I agree with Jesus, If it wasnt for koodo putting pressure on the competition none of this supertab system would not have started, but for those in quebec, you have to understand that bill 60 is essentially the same exact thing if not better. Bill 60 take the value of your phone and divides it by the number months in your contract, where if you cancel you pay the difference, therefore if you sign a two year agreement for 150$ phone and cancel after a year you only pay 75$, and the supertab is just 10% of your monthly bill going towards the price of your phone, therefore, for the residents of quebec i would say bill 60 is way better….. Why? because you actually pay of the phone in 2 years instead of 10 years… But hey at the end of the day, the fact that Virgin will remove the word contract will be a huge plus on its sales!!

  • Werner

    But when is this coming out? I have a friend who works at Virgin and she hasn’t heard anything about this. Are you guys sure this is for Canada?

  • FadedSpark

    Yes this is for Canada. Yes this is coming in august. Yes it is 100% confirmed.

    Pick up a best buy mobile August buyers guide, It’s in there.

  • Harry

    the whole idea of the tab is to get people to send more not less it’s in your best interest to spend more that month to get more credit towards your purchased phone, koodo only gives you the tab is your credit is eligible for it in essence you’re borrowing money at 0% interest to purchase a phone from the provider, with the super tab IT WILL BE THE SAME THING, if your credit isn’t good enough to get the 500$ tab off an iphone or big name phones than you’ll have to get a cheaper phone or pay for it upfront.

  • Harry

    as for bill 60 it only applies to quebec residents who activated or renewed contract after july 1st, only consumers are eligible companies are still bound by the contract they chose.

  • Insider

    Koodo is the s**t the Supertab is will take you super long to pay off and give you no upfront service. koodo tells you to go to the store with your questions, not to call… so get with the intelligent population and get to koodo

  • MC

    “Kodoo (lame handsets and paying for customer service calls lol)”

    This is incorrect information that I wish to address.

    You do not pay for calling Koodo Mobile customer care. If you have any questions or need any help with bills, self serve, etc, that is free of charge.

    Now for changes to the account (these can depend on the type of change as well) there can be charges, however because of the self serve system you have the ability to access your own account and make the changes yourself. This eliminates the need to call into the customer care line and having to wait for a customer care agent when they do get busy.

    Exceptions can also be made. Customers are not always charged for account changes.

    Ex: If a customer moves to another province, there’s no option to do a change phone number, so the customer has to call in to get it changed, but Koodo does not charge for that change.

    Insider: I suggest doing your research next time before stating what you know. It’s information, or rather misinformation like that, that causes people to form incorrect opinions about things.

    Also, you really have to look at the $150 Koodo Tab and the $500 Virgin SuperTab and see which one is more “reasonable” and “logical”. If you use your entire $500 Tab wtih Virgin and say, 3 months later quit, that’s nearly $500 that you have to pay. That’s more than most cancelation fees of contracts (which Koodo does not have).

    It’s an attempt at being customer friendly that Virgin is doing, but they ultimately fail in this endevour.

  • MC

    Also one final note, unless it was recently changed, Virgin still charges $35 for activations. Koodo does not.

  • subzerohf

    It’s just like a contract, people!

    Imagine if you used the supertab to get the iPhone 4. You put $500 on your supertab. Say your monthly bill is $50 (with the basic combo plan). They’ll take 10%, which is $5 off your super tab each month. It’ll take 100 months (8.33 years) to completely pay off your supertab.

    Now imagine you wanted to switch to Bell after two years. Guess what? you’d better pay off your supertab first, pal! Do the math. You still need to pay 500 – (5 * 24) = $380.

    This is just another way to bind you to a contract, without mentioning the word “contract”. Rogers calls it a 3-yr contract. Virgin calls it a (8-yr) supertab.

    • James Jacobs

      NOT TRUE!!!! with the Super-tab there is no Contract cancellation FEE!!!!! you would have to spend 500 bucks to pay off your phone, than a another 200-300 bucks on top of that to canccel the contract!!!

  • James Jacobs

    with the Super-tab there is no Contract CANCELLATION FEE!!!!! if you cancel your supertab you only have to finish paying for the phone, if you cancel a contract (you have to finish paying for the phone) and a another 200-300 bucks on top of that to canccel the contract!!!

  • rachel

    if i have a plan with virgin mobile can i still get a phone with supertab or do i have to stay with my plan?

  • JB

    subzerohf hit the nail on the head. I’m amazed at how many people think this is automatically a good deal. Don’t confuse ‘no contract’ with ‘cheaper per month’ over the length of time you have that phone/service.

    I’ve run equivalent plans with identical phones between Rogers and Virgin and Rogers comes out ahead on a 3 year plan, and their dead even on a 2 yr.

    It all depends on how much the carrier is discounting that phone and the overall plan structure.

    Anyway….my advice, as always, profile all the providers when you are ready to buy as the ‘best deal’ changes from month to month from what I have seen.

  • irreplaceable

    Can someone explain me in simple words what the supertab does asnd why is it a beneficial except the fact that there are no contracts